Free Breeze Accelerator

Welcome to a new way to save energy and fuel costs.

No electricity. No batteries. 100% powered by the wind.

What is a Free Breeze Accelerator?

The Free Breeze Accelerator is an adjustable multi-directional device that works naturally with the wind to help redirect air and increase ventilation while improving your indoor air quality. Did you know that indoor air pollution is 2-5x more of a health risk than outdoor air.  


Under my Dodge Pickup with 5.7 Hemi engine

This Free Breeze Accelerator was installed under my 1/2 ton Dodge Pickup with a 5.7 Hemi engine. a little over a month ago. initially I took a 28 mile round trip after it was installed. The engine temp gage was about 1/3 less then normal for the route I was on. Gas millage was up 1.6 to 2 miles per gallon above the usual 12.6 mpg Did a 17 mile round trip 2 days ago. Cold, the engine temp read off my cold air kit was 73.4 F. arrived at my destination & the temp was 112.6 F After returning home the temp was 107.4 F. instead of 12.6 mpg it varied 13.8 to 14 mpg for the trip mixed city & open road. Will be driving from San Diego, CA to Dallas, TX shortly. Will be tracking the engine compartment temp & gas millage on a 1600 mile trip. will update once I have arrived at my destination.  - Merlin Bitzer

Perfect for my RV

Easily attaches with industrial Velcro or self tapping screws. "
I have one on either side of my RV window, and sleep so much better at night."

Let Fresh Air In Naturally

Lower Emissions. Save on Fuel

By installing a Free Breeze Accelerator onto the inlet of your RV's diesel pusher or on the outside of your truck's engine block, you can allow air to be redirected, helping cool down your engine. You can even save in fuel costs! 

Built to Last

Weather resistant, UV protected and made in the U.S.A. with durable PVC, the Free Breeze Accelerator is adjustable and built to last. Tested and approved at the San Diego Air & Space Technology Center Low Speed Wind Tunnel at over 80 mph. Not only does it the work great, but you may never need to replace it.    

Clean & Green

The Free Breeze Accelerator works naturally with the wind. That is it! We are part of the future of alternative wind energy. Not a gimmick or trend, just common sense. 

How Does It Work?

Wind that would normally pass by your window is blocked and diverted by the Free Breeze Accelerator than redirected into the open space. The product's unique design allows the wind to change direction so you can actually feel the breeze. 


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